QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Hello friends

I am excited to share a new healing modality I have started incorporating into White Dragonfly Healing along with  other services I currently offer- Intuitive Readings. and Angelic Holy Fire II Reiki Sessions and Classes.

I have attached a few videos for you to watch if you are interested in understanding QHHT, a form of Past life Regression, with the ability to also access the higher self for answers to your deepest concerns and if it is appropriate, spontaneous healings and relief from physical ailments.

This hypnosis technique was developed by Dolores Cannon over a 45 year career of hypnosis and healing. I have been a huge fan of hers for years, watching all her videos and learning about Metaphysical, Mystical and Universal Understandings.

During a session you are absolutely aware of what is going on at all times, it is safe, and you are awake. You are taken to a very deep state of relaxation where you are able to access your visual abilities, like in dream time. You are in control and never feel vulnerable or out of control. It’s actually like taking a really long nap where you feel refreshed and renewed when you are finished.

If you are interested in a session please go to my website and hit the Instant Access Button for more information. The sessions I have had so far are just unbelievable in regards to Time travelling to other times and places, there is so much detail in the descriptions from my clients. I feel like I am right there with them. 

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I hope you enjoy the videos. To see more please go to my YouTube channel above or join me at

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Angel Fire Reiki – New Frequency Upgrade for Energy Workers.


I’m excited to share this new healing energy!

Over a short, 5 year period, my team has been slowly prepping me to bring this new form of AFR forward to share with other energy healers.

Angel Fire Reiki started as a way for me to share  how the Angels and Light beings like to work and offer assistance us during a healing sessions.

I was to teach others, what I was taught by my own Angelic team as a way for my Reiki students to understand the ways the light beings participate. 

Recently Angle Fire Reiki has evolved into a channeled frequency of light energy  sent straight from  Creator.

This frequency when embodied  allows a practitioner to remain balanced and centred as they adjust everyday to world wide light energy shifts that are part of our ascension process.

As healers, who already channel energy to help others, this is a powerful way to remain balanced and centered as increased light waves bombard our planet and all who inhabit it. 

We as healers also need to clear dense energies and emotions and this upgrade will do just that. So be ready, it is a powerful shift you will undergo.

By becoming attuned to and being able to hold a higher frequency in your own energy field, you are able to increase the intensity of energy channeled through you to help clients.

A two part process

ONE – cleansing Meditation 

  •  cleansing and purifying your energy field to release blocks, low frequency

TWO – Energy Transfer and Connection to Angelic Realm 

  • Approximately 25 minutes
  • Manual & Certificate provided (manual download) certificate emailed to you.
  • Between mediations we discuss Reiki and working with the Collective

Check my website for regular Zoom sessions offering this remote cleansing and transfer of energy!

Angel Fire Reiki Energy UPgrade

The Next Session is December 1st @ 10am EST. Remote Sessions, mean you can participate from anywhere in the world!

See you there

Suzanne Bertolas

Official Website

Qshi Website for Classes and Sessions

Events – New Energies, New Ideas!


Hello Friends,

The energies sure are shifting,  and shaking up life for those who are answering the call to dive into hard work, and try new things.

Integrating new ideas, expanded by learning, growth and  understanding of truth allows for exciting new opportunities to spring forward for those who are here to shine light, and help others awaken on this ascension path we are all travelling along.

So, I felt I should update this blog, with some upcoming EVENTS I will be participating in. Because I , like many others out there, are stepping into new ways of sharing their gifts with the world. 

I now have a second Website HERE .

This website is strictly to promote Qshi. Quantum Soul Healing Integration.

This healing modality that has been coming together for me over the last 5 or 6 years. It began with Reiki back in 2013 and most recently 2017 by learning QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.)

The combination of these modalities, with my other Intuitive gifts of hearing, seeing and a very strong connection to Jesus and the Angelic Realm, created this new modality  QSHI that I have been encouraged to now teach to those who are drawn to learning it.

I have created an intensive course, to learn all that I know with Qshi, and share it 3 different ways. 


  • On line in a Zoom Conference Classroom setting
  • In person over a 3-4 day time frame
  • Complete Digital Download format, so you can learn in your own timing.

All 3 formats share the same

  • 72 Page Manual
  • More than 40 videos and AUDIO covering all topics covered in the manual
  • Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Life Experience, Body Scan, Lost Souls, Attachment and entity removal, connecting with the Higher Self, and collective.
  • 320 online (YOU TUBE) videos on Suzanne’s channel featuring Intuitive messages, and 80+ Qshi Sessions (approx 2 hours each)
  • Monthy Live Zoom Conference Sessions for Q&A discussing issues with Qshi, hypnosis portion of modality.
  • Life long access to the initial course and any upgraded or new information
  • Student Forum and More.


I am excited about my first LIVE Group Regression Event (details here)  .

Two previous clients of mine have volunteered to be put in trance, so we can call forward the Higher Self and facilitate healing, for everyone who attends, and perhaps have some questions answered by the Higher Collective.

This event has limited space if you are considering attending November 24th, in Cambridge Ontario. 

Please Check the EVENT page on my main website to see what is coming up in the next few weeks.

Of Course, I still offer in house, and Remote Qshi sessions for those who are interested. here  indepth Angelic Messages, and Holy Fire II Reiki.

After a recent trip to Italy, I must say my favorite picture was the one attached to the Blog, of Arch Angel Michael over the Dolomite Mountains. 

I hope to return in the summer of 2019 to  Godenzo, Northern Italy to teach and offer sessions once again.

More will be shared on this in the coming months. Stay tuned on my website.

You can sign up for my main NEWSLETTER to be notified of upcoming Events and Italy Updates.

I hope to see you in sessions, or a class. or LIVE on my YOU TUBE channel, when i jump on there to offer FREE readings to the beautiful community that has been growing since I started offering this. don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, and click on the bell for notifications.

Love and Hugs,

Suzanne Bertolas

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Qshi Website


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Quantum Update! Qshi, Classes and Sessions

angel answers

I just wanted to post a link to my new website Qshi Suzanne Bertolas

there have been lots of changes going on with my sessions! I now offer Remote sessions, in Zoom Conference. Just like the videos you watch on my You Tube Channel

These sessions are just as powerful and as successful as my in person sessions which I also still offer.

Remote sessions take me around the world, and I have had people come forward from Iceland, Turkey, Italy, Germany and all over the US since I started offering this service.

Check these sessions out on my main page here Official Website

and here is the latest In person Qshi Session I facilitated. It was pretty awesome!

also, Here is my latest Newletter  explaining this weekend’s Up coming White Light Body Scan Meditation. And signing up for classes.

If you have been drawn to the type of work I do, I would love to be able to teach you in a class one day!

Stay tuned for more information after I return from Italy. As for now, I am currently booking into October for sessions. Please contact me if you would like to reserve a spot.

I will be slowing down on how many sessions a week I take on. But I am still loving my work, and the direction I have been guided lately, and that is to teach what I know 🙂

Good luck to all who have children heading back to school in the next week or so.

Hope to see you on line, for live readings, on You Tube when I pop on from time to time.


Love and Hugs,

Suzanne Bertolas.



White Light Body Scan Meditation!!

Healing with God’s White Light and the Angels !

July 27th 7pm – in my Zoom Room

limited space available for this first time!

white light

Hello everyone ! It’s been a while since I was on my blog, and  a lot has happened since my last entry.

I want to share this information. I have been guided to do a Zoom Room Group Healing session, where the healing energy is called forward and we all combine our energy and relax and enjoy the beautiful White Light Energy and a powerful Healing Body Scan, similar to what happens during a QHHT session.


I often share my story of how I saw Jesus, and this is pretty much how he showed himself to me the first time,  when i heard the words “You walk with me”

That came at a time, when I was doubting my purpose in life and was not sure I was on the right path…but i paid close attention to his words and followed strong guidance from that point forward.

You don’t have to believe in Jesus, to participate in this healing session, and I understand not being religious myself, more spiritual 🙂 But I can guarantee you, he will be overseeing the process and you will undoubtedly feel the amazing amount of love coming from him and the Angels during the meditation.

So with that said, and the fact I follow guidance…this is what I am supposed to do.

I just didn’t understand at the time, how I could reach so many people when it was suggested by my team, months ago that I offer this service being a direct and clear channel for you all.

I will let you explore more about how this will happen Here

There is a small fee to participate $15 for a 2 hour session where I will be holding an enormous amount of energy for you all, along with another soul who will help me anchor in the light.

I hope to see you there, I am so excited to do this meditation, because i know how extremely powerful the white light is for healing.

Do you have physical ailments? emotional turmoil? unresolved issues? or do you just want to feel closer to your purpose and God?

think about it, there is no pressure, always follow your own heart in regards to your path and spiritual growth 🙂

Love and Hugs,




You Tube

Entity Removal – Angels Helping Lost Souls Return Home.

angels helping

The thought of entities or low energy bodies, being attached to a person, can sound a bit scary, and visions of the movie “Cybil” may be flashing through your head.

That is Hollywood for you!!

But, I’m hear to tell you, that although, energies like that, can definitely grab a hold of some people, and wreak havoc in their life, that is NOT always the case. Not all entities are negative and dark, so are scared, and feel unloved and may be simply just Lost.

Today I am going to explain about ‘Lost Souls’ , but also understand, attachments or negative energies can also be created by our own thought process and that can also manifest into a bigger problem causing serious health issues and emotional pain.

I will provide you with a few video links, at the end, to a few entity removal sessions I have had with QHHT. I will provide both types 🙂

I have actually had different experiences in my life,  with angry spirits, attachments, and what I like to call Hitch Hikers, with people I interact with and others  including clients who come for healing work.

My own team, and higher self, “The Council of Nine Angels” has shown me very gradually over the course of my lifetime, but more so  over the last 7 years, showing me that negative and angry entities DO exist.

They have shown me, visually, and energetically, and now hearing verbally directly from the entity it self during QHHT and QSHH sessions. (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Quantum Soul Healing Hypnosis)

I have come to the understanding, through interacting with these energies in one form or another,

  • That If am light, and stay in my heart,  there will be no battle in the removal
  • That, I am aware of  how strong my own spirit is
  • That I am protected always
  • That I just need to call in Jesus and he is always with me
  • That all creations of God, deserve compassion and understanding
  • And that I am here to assist those who need to cross to the light, both positive and negative energies.

I am being shown now in a deeper way, that I do not need to fear.  I can actually offer help in a loving way for these energies, to help them leave their host, and return home to their family.

So not only, can I help my client, find peace within, relieve physical and emotional pain and understanding as to why they are dealing with that. But I can also help the ‘Hitch Hiker’ find peace and understanding also and return home where they can continue their own spiritual evolution. I call in the Arch Angels for assistance, and they are lovingly escorted home.

Generally what I am coming across in my QHHT sessions, and Quantum Soul Healing Sessions, are lost souls, who have gotten a bit confused at the time of their death, and they have latched onto to unsuspecting people who may at the time be in a low emotional state at that specific moment.

What happens when this is the case, is that their energy finds a spot inside the persons body, and it sits there waiting for an opportunity to trigger the person and cause physical or emotional pain and instability.

That is just the truth of it, when it comes to lost souls, and this needs to come out into the open more so now, than ever, so people can look deeper into why they may have physical or emotional pain, that keeps returning.

Everyone has moments of weakness, or anger, or sadness…this is the perfect opportunity for a lost soul to find a new location to reside.

This is such a big topic, there are so many variables and so many things to consider when working with these energies.

Although I have had some experience in this department, I am being once again, strongly guided to take another course to gain further understanding myself about how to interact with and help these energies.

I am being told, more and more of this type of healing work is needed and is going to come to the forefront as people wake up, and continue to raise their frequency.

So I will be stepping it up a bit in my healing practice and digging deeper into my own sense of “just knowing” and continue to offer more help, with each new client that seeks me out for healing work.

I hope you can start to  look a little deeper yourself, if you were guided to read my blog today, perhaps, there is a bigger reason you were drawn to it, perhaps being nudged by your own team to face a bigger truth, or understanding at what may be perhaps keeping you in a loop, or stuck in a rut, or mindset of self doubt, anger, or emotional imbalance.

If I can help you, with any of my services, please contact me through one of the links below.

Love and Hugs

Suzanne Bertolas

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QSH -Quantum Soul Healing – Why it is important for you!


What is Quantum Soul Healing Technique
QSH is an energy modality designed to interact directly and verbally with your Higher Self,(HS) to facilitate the deepest healing possible for positive growth. By doing this it is determined what is causing mental, physical and emotional blocks, stagnant energy, or fear that may be hindering you from moving ahead in life.
The combination of being in a deep meditative state combined with Angel Fire Reiki, allows the Higher Self to come forward, so you may gain understanding and information relevant to your current life if you are truly seeking to move ahead and release aspects of your past that may be holding you back form living a happy, healthy prosperous life.
This modality has been coming together over a life time, but more so over the last 5 years for Suzanne, when the Angels and her own HS stepped forward during her Holy Fire Reiki training. They did this to prepare her for QSH in the future. Although she was not aware at the time of this occurring, it now makes complete sense why her abilities of psychic sight, knowing and intuition and her strong connection to the Angels has increased so much over the last 5 years.

How does QSH work?
Healing is done at a molecular level if the soul requires this to be done, before the client is able to access their Higher Self to gain information.
The Higher self is always in control, and always has the utmost respect for the client, never causing discomfort mentally or physically during the session.

The HS, does know what is best for the client, and will shelter the client from information they may not be ready to hear yet.
The Higher self, of each person, truly is them self. It is the side of the brain, that has all the information and all details of this current life, and every life the client has ever experienced. The HS has access to the Akashic Records and knowledge from all time and all dimensions.

The Key to healing for anyone, is having Belief and faith in their heart, that they can and will be healed. They must already think they can be healed, and that anything is possible when tapping into a higher power.
It is not the facilitator that does the healing work in any modality, it all comes down to the belief the client holds in their heart.

During the QSH Session
The white light energy waves of healing may start the moment the session begins, although the client may not be aware.  It will continue until the allotted amount of work the client requires is complete.
Quite often, healing begins the moment the client mentally agrees to go for a QSH session. They may experience head aches or dizziness, or have difficulty sleeping, or they may in-fact sleep deeper than they every have in the days leading up to their appointment. They may dream more, and start to feel a shift in their awareness.

At times after a session, the healing Angels continue to assist in the healing work and stay with the client, to assure the healing has been completed.

During QSH sessions, the facilitator will hold the strong white light energy of the Angles and HS by anchoring and grounding that energy for the client. In a sense the facilitator will be the bridge between this dimension and the dimension where the healing Angels reside.
By offering to assist in anyway they are guided, and by listening to their intuitive abilities, by visually seeing the energy in the room, or hearing direct instructions from the HS, this can provide relaxation, and comfort to the client if they are feeling anxious, and if they feel the high energy that comes in during these sessions.
Once in the deepest state of trance, the facilitator will call forward the HS and engage in a conversation to have questions answered on behalf of the client.
At this point a formal request for physical, mental and emotional healing is requested for the client, and the HS, and Angels get to work and start to repair, what they are able to repair, with explanations about what is being done, why issues have occurred and if fixing them is for the highest good of the client.
The client, is always aware and able to hear what is going on, and sometimes is also able to participate in the interactions between the facilitator and the HS. see here
When this happens, there is a profound understanding by the client of what truly is going on with their own body and spirit, and why they are dealing with certain health concerns. Once this understanding comes forward, it is then up to the client to process and release what ever is holding them back or causing them sickness.

If for some reason, the client is not able to be healed, then there is an underlying issue, that has not been addressed, or there is a life lesson that needs to be learned, and in fact the person them self, chose to have the illness, disability or ailment as a way to grow spiritually or to help others grow.
This information will come forward by the HS during a session, if the client is able to relax and trust the process. If the client can let go of control and believe there are alternative ways to allow healing to take place in the body, then miracles can happen.

The complete healing aspect of a QSH sessions, truly is  all up to the client. The Angels, HS and sometimes Jesus, will come forward to start the healing process with the understanding that the Client, is in alignment with what is necessary to facilitate this kind of intervention.

The Client, will be guided by the HS, in regards to what their part will be in the continued forward movement of any healing that takes place. If there are suggestions to the client, to do something to help the healing take place, eg. To take supplements, remove negativity, to rest or do anything that is suggested, it should be understood that it is necessary to follow simple instructions as your part of the healing process.  

The information to help you on your spiritual and healing journey is brought forward in a profound way, that is unique to each person. It is presented in a way they will understand so they can release old patterns, mindsets, and negative though forms, so that they can improve their current way of living.

Suzanne Bertolas

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below is an expert of a QSH session, and how it may work for you. The Client is currently in the Somnambulistic state and a very deep trance during the healing session, although he seems quite alert and aware.

QSH Session on Suzanne’s YouTube Channel


Suzanne Bertolas – Owner of White Dragonfly Healing

Certified Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher / Angle Fire Reiki Master Healer

Certified QHHT- Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Facilitator

Intuitive Reader, Author, Artist and Musician.

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Who Are You Anyway?


Do you know why you are here?

Are you trying to be something  or someone you are not?

Are you trying to be something or someone you ‘THINK” you are supposed to be, just to fit in? Or are you truly aware that you are here to make a difference.

Some people are her to fix things without knowing it and may not be consciously aware of things, that may be wrong at an ENERGETIC level.

By simply being who they are, and walking into the field of a situation or someone who is in distress, these special people shift the energetic pattern of that person or situation to a more positive frequency.

Yes, many people here ” COME FROM THE STARS” so to speak they are “STAR BEINGS, OR START SEEDS” and they may have remembered now who they are and where they come from. If they haven’t they may be on the fast track to understanding that information right now, by seeking the help of others who are more awake and aware of the process our planet and civilization is under at the moment.

If you are here to help others, or the planet, but you are not sure if you are supposed to be doing something specific, then it is important to try to figure that out.

So, always, just ‘BE’ the best version of who you are, and the answers will fall into place.

Not everyone is a healer, but the authentic ones will help you greatly by shifting your perception and removing energetic blocks so you yourself become aware of the true essence of who you are. I could suggest to try,

  • Reiki
  • QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
  • Meditation or Yoga
  • Life Coaches
  • Spiritual Councilors

There are many different avenues to explore in order to gain awareness of who you are and your life purpose.  

Just remember,

Not everyone is here to fix the planet, some are here to just shine their light.

Not everyone signed up, or answered the call put out by Gaia when she cried for help.

And you know what…that’s perfectly ok.

Love and hugs,

Suzanne Bertolas

QHHT Facilitator, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer.

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Silence is Key


You can not Question or ignore your guidance.

When you are not paying attention, they will clear your day. When your mind is too busy…they will stop you in your tracks.
When you don’t pay attention to what they are trying to tell you, over and over and over, they will guide you to a place, where there is No noise, and No distractions…and you will have no choice but to listen, when they speak.
Even if you do not want to hear what you know they are going to tell you.

Today was that day for me…and now, that I am completely aware, and that I no longer doubt who speaks to me, my team of Angels…I am paying attention.

I was made aware of the fact that for 7 weeks now, I was pushed to the limit, and even when I thought a break was coming, they pushed me even more and took that break away. …although I was unaware of this, but now I get it.

Today, they guided me back to where they had me in the spring…to get a download, and an upload.

Those who follow me will remember, and for those who don’t, I am to stop explaining.
I am to step into my mission, and I’m ready now…more than ever.
Many do not listen, many do not appreciate and take advantage, many show two faces, and many just plain lie.

They explained to me, it is because I can see, I see through, and know the end result before it happens, that is what makes it confusing and sad for me at times.
But they are with me. They walk with me.

We all draw from the same team, we are all light, we all have a purpose.

But some people are just not ready for us yet.
And that is ok.

Even some, who say they walk in the light, are clouded and confused.

Many who say they walk in the light, are just here to confuse , to trigger you, to get your back up, to make you dig even deeper, to find out what you are made of.
And that is ok.
It is what it is.

Those who live in the light, and speak truth do the same thing.
We confuse, we cause jealousy, we trigger and make you get your back up, to make you dig even deeper to find out what you are made of.
The difference is, we express ourselves from the heart, with no ulterior motives…we love deeply, and actually care, we do things because we want to, we help because we want to, without ulterior motives, like I just mentioned.

Some are light workers, and some are light warriors…there is a difference. In my opinion, if you are passionate about speaking your truth, to help the masses, and you speak from your heart, even though at times it sounds harsh. or intense..you are a warrior. But you are coming from the heart, for a reason…there has to be a contrast so others will dig even deeper to understand their own truth.

I get that now…we can’t all be feathers and fluff.

it is hard, when you are told to go quiet because big awakenings happen.
It took my team more than a week to get me to my special hiking place today.
But I am grateful they did. Because now I am listening and seeing more clearly than ever.

To speak truth, is love and that is what I heard today.


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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

QHHT Sessions here

Journey Healers – Ohana Generational Healing


It has been a few days now since my session of Ohana Generational Healing, but I would like to let you all know about my experience with Catherine Graham in Kitchener Ontario.

Catherine had not long been to my healing centre, White Dragonfly Healing to volunteer for a session of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique with my self.

We had a great session together, and her experience with QHHT was very positive as she visited a few past lives, before we accessed her Higher Self, to get answers to some of her concerns and to have a body scan and and do some physical healing.

It was during our initial interview time before her session that she told me a little bit about what she did as a healer and teacher.

I had seen Catherine posting events and classes for her Company Journey Healers, but the modality she offers called Ohana Generational Healing is what caught my attention.

What I didn’t realize, until my actual session with Catherine, was that she was the creator of this fairly new healing modality.

Ohana Generational Healing connects us to our family– the ones who have crossed before us, and the ones coming forward now, to bring healing and love to the traumas that the family has experienced.”   

I found this very interesting, and felt drawn to try it out myself.

Up to that point I had been facilitating daily sessions for close to 3 weeks of QHHT, and I was in need of some healing myself 🙂 This was a rarity for me.

The day I went to my session with Catherine, I was met at her door, with a friendly smile and a warm greeting.

I was lead back to her quaint little healing room, and instantly felt comfortable and relaxed as we went through the questions I needed to answer prior to the healing work.

I then got comfortable on her Reiki bed, and experience the energy flowing accompanied by the odd vision and awareness that my own personal healing team was standing by during the process.

I couldn’t believe almost an hour had passed when we she finished up, and as I sat up, I felt lighter and quite a bit more relaxed.

I truly enjoyed my session with Catherine, and like any time you have any energy work done, the days to follow had me contemplating and processing different emotions.

If you are seeking answers, or you are curious about this healing modality with Catherine, or if you are interested in learning this modality, I would suggest you take a look at what she has to offer, and try a session yourself.

Often, experiencing for yourself, is truly the only way to understand how many of these healing modalities work.

Everyone is different, and everyone experiences differently. However I feel if you go to any session with an open mind and an open heart, you will truly experience the healing and understandings you are looking for.

To contact Catherine for a session click here.

To watch Catherines pretty awesome QHHT session click here

to book a QHHT session with Suzanne Click here

Love and Hugs,

Suzanne Bertolas






A Conversation With My Higher Self

I am in so much gratitude for this beautiful rendition of Catherine’s experience with me during a QHHT session. I am so happy to share her experience with you all, and as I read through, it I was taken back to the day Catherine was here at White Dragonfly Healing, it is remarkable how much I forget myself, after a client has had their session and returned home.

I am so happy to hear, that Catherine’s Higher Self is delivering on its promise to continue to work with her in the days following her session.

Please enjoy her story, and share this with others, so together we can all start to understand who we are at a much deeper level.

To Book your own session please contact Suzanne here.

Catherine’s Story, is below.

Source: A Conversation With My Higher Self